Pine Straw - What to Know About It

Pine straw is an important aspect to any garden since its enticing color adds aesthetic appeal to the entire place. With that being said a number of people are enticed to use them for landscaping endeavors. Keep in mind that the use of pine straws is not just for beautification. You must know that there are other usages of pine straw.

Significant attributes of pine straw

Pine straws are the byproduct of the shedding of pine trees for the entire year. Once the parts of the pine trees sheds and fall off to the land surface, it will be hand-raked, removal of dirt, and baled without causing physical damage to the pine trees. This makes pine straw ideal for those who are environment friendly but still want an alluring design in one's terrain.

The other benefits of pine straw include reduction of weeds' growth, prevention of water evaporation from the land surface, erosion and soil compaction. Pine trees can also help plants regulate normal temperature especially those plants that are in extreme weather conditions like freezing. This is also essential for plants that have undeveloped roots as of the moment. When these straws decay it somehow changed and enhances the structure of the soil.

Pine straw comes in different types, bale size, and deepness of its application. Take note that its location is another determining factor for its categorization.

Steps in Using Pine Straws

The use of pine straw alabama as recommended by professionals is yearly. However, if you intend to use for aesthetic purpose then you can use it twice a year to maintain the good appearance of your garden over time.

If you are going to apply pine straws to a certain area then wearing of gloves is absolutely necessary. Wearing gloves is a must since the needles might hurt the one handling the needles. Applying these pine straws is not that difficult. All you need to do is separate the bale and get a handful of these pine straws and place it to the area where you intend to put it. The highly recommended depth is 3 inches and if you want to add one inch for the depth annually that is also a good thing. As of today there are already sellers of wholesale pine straw and so you can be assured that finding one for your garden endeavors would not be as difficult as you think. Know more about pine straw delivery here!

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